By placing your order, you confirm that you read and understand the terms and conditions. Before paying for your order, you will receive the same terms and conditions, which will require a confirmation before you pay for anything. The terms and conditions are simple.


Everything you can do with the instrumentals depends on the lease license. You are not allowed to resell Shadow Man Production instrumentals. You can edit, cut, extend, or add extra elements to your purchased instrumentals. All rights to the music belong to Shadow Man Production and credit must be given to Shadow Man Production, with a space between each of the three words. You must indicate Shadow Man Production as a composer if you decide to make your work commercial and split the royalties 50/50 (except in the case of an exclusive lease, where I keep only 10% of my publishing rights and royalties). Keep in mind that you are only leasing a beat. If you have any questions regarding rights or are unsure about something, please contact me to avoid any illegal issues. You are also allowed to use my logo on your artworks or websites.






Standard: 30$

You will receive a beat in both mp3 320kbps format and wav 24bit format. There is only one tag reading “Shadow Man Production” and you can choose to keep or remove it. These purchases can be used for songs, commercial recordings, TV/radio airplay, live performances, music videos, soundtracks, or themes. You keep all the royalties if your work sells less than 2000 copies (digitally or physically). This option is great for mix tapes and promos.


Premium: 60$

You receive everything offered in the standard license, as well as multiple versions of your beat, which can be mixed and rearranged as many times as you, your producers, and your sound engineer want. This will ensure your tracks sound better on your release. You keep all the royalties if your work sells less than 7000 copies (digitally or physically). This option is great for mix tapes, promos, and albums.


Exclusive: 200$

You receive everything offered in the premium license, plus free rearrangement and editing, as well as vocal mixing. I will offer you our full support to produce a high quality track. In addition, your beat will be marked as sold in my store. If you wish, the listing will also state to whom the beat has been sold. This beat cannot be sold or leased to anyone else.

You keep all the royalties if your work sells less than 15000 copies (digitally or physically). This option is great for all professional uses.




Rearrangement, Editing just 10$

 I will rearrange the beat you boght from me, particular instruments could be musted at particular place, and structure rearranged (choruses, verses, etc.) as long as you can explain what you want and understand the measurements within the bars.


Remix: 100$

I can make a remix of any of your existing songs. Royalties for this remix are split 50/50.


Mixing your Vocals with my Beats: 30€

I can mix your vocals with my beats, using the same reverbs and plugins to achieve unity in the sound. Mastering is included in the price of beats and mixing.


Mastering a Track: 30$

I will master any of your tracks and give you a discount for multiple track projects like EPs or albums.